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That's a Wrap

What is the best way to get your message out to the public? This is the question that many companies ask when advertising, and the answer has to be vehicle graphics and wraps. These fantastic advertising methods are the most effective in the business because of many reasons, primarily because of the massive number of people they influence, the quick speed that they can be made in, and the incredibly efficient cost. You can wrap your business vehicle, personal vehicle, or even public vehicles to get the word out about any business.

The average American car, driven 15,000 miles a year, will pass in front of about 9 million other vehicles. Think how your business would spread if you wrapped your car and simply did a run for errands, or went on a family road trip, and hundreds of people saw your advertisement. We can include your phone number, business name, and any other graphic that you want the world to see, and by just driving your personal or business vehicle, you can spread the word!


Before you think that you can’t lose your vehicle for such a long time while it gets wrapped, know that a wrap won’t take much time at all in comparison to other forms of advertising. At Park City Signs, a full vehicle wrap takes, on average, 14 hours to complete. If properly cleaned, and prepared for wrapping ,you could drop off the vehicle in the morning one day, and pick it up on the afternoon of the next. Other methods of advertising take hundreds of times that! A billboard usually takes anywhere from one and a half to two weeks, and a commercial takes around 5 months of production until it’s ready to be aired. Vehicle wraps are quicker and even more cost effective that these other methods of advertisement…

A TV advert will cost about $20 per thousand impressions, billboards will cost you about $2 per thousand, but a vehicle wrap will only cost you fifteen cents for every thousand!! It’s not that you can’t afford a vehicle wrap, it’s that you can’t afford to NOT to wrap your vehicle. This is the best overall way to advertise, and here at Solv signs, we can make them however you want. 📷

For more information about vehicle wraps and graphics, give us a call on (435) 649-1235 or email us at

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