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Green Business Practices

Park City Signs is proud to be a member of the Recycle Utah Green Business Program. We care about the environment and are doing our best to run our shop sustainably as well as provide eco-friendly printing options to our customers.


We encourage the use of durable, long-lasting substrates for permanent signs, but realize that some signs are temporary, and in those cases recommend reusable or recyclable materials. Unfortunately, vinyl is still the most common printable material, but alternatives are becoming more readily available and affordable. Our large-format printer uses water-based, odor-free HP Latex inks. 

We use recycled paper products for our desktop printers, in our bathroom, and for our stationery. We don't use paper products in our kitchenette; we have "real" silverware, cloth towels, ceramic bowls, plates and mugs, and reusable water bottles. We have a water filtration system and don't buy bottled water. 


We encourage customers to repurpose vinyl banners since they are not recyclable, but also welcome them to return used banners to us. We can convert them to tote bags with fun graphics, and are working to find other uses for them.


We recycle everything possible in the office park collection bin, and take our glass and e-waste to the local recycling center. We don't use styrofoam but occasionally materials will arrive packed in it, so that also goes to the recycling center. Ink cartridges get returned to the manufacturer.



Park City Signs purchases renewable energy "blocks" through Rocky Mountain Power's "Blue Sky" wind and solar energy program. During our buildout the lighting was replaced with LEDs, the toilets with high-efficiency "WaterSense" tanks, appliances with EnergyStar models, and a shower was installed, for when we can jog or bike to work rather than driving.

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